Patient Stories

Our stories make us who we are.

At Southlake Foundation, we hear so many amazing stories from grateful patients … Patients who are grateful for our health care team, grateful for our advanced technology, and grateful to donors like you for helping us transform their lives. 


Meet Jamie

No one expects to be a cancer patient at 31.

It was difficult news for Jamie Pimek to digest. But, for what he expected to be one of the longest, most drawn out experiences of his life, it actually went – in Jamie’s own words – smoother than he could have ever imagined, thanks to Southlake.


Meet Lorraine

Lorraine didn’t expect to be a cardiac patient at the age of 55.

But when a diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation put the active grandmother at a significantly higher risk of a stroke, Southlake’s Heart Rhythm team was able to correct the problem and let her get back to the things that matter most.


Meet Christina

No mom-to-be expects to deliver her baby just six months into her pregnancy.

But when Carmelina Portante was admitted to Southlake with life-threateningly high blood pressure, she relied on the life-saving action of Southlake’s Maternal Child department to bring her daughter Christina into the world – and save both of their lives.


Meet Bob

Bob passed out hearing the sirens coming down the street. 

His wife had just called 911 after Bob woke up from a nap in a cold sweat, with a numb left arm and pressure on his chest.  Thanks to the care he received at Southlake, these days, Bob can be found enjoying long walks with his best friend. 


Meet Sal

Sal’s 3-year-old says “Remember when you died in the kitchen”?

Thanks to Southlake’s excellent cardiac care, Sal survived an episode of cardiac arrest that suddenly struck him at age 36.

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