Meet Bob


Bob collapsed hearing the sirens coming down the street.

Bob had been working in the garden during a hot spell and decided to rest for a bit. When he woke up, his left arm was numb. He was in a cold sweat and felt pressure on his chest. Bob immediately called his wife, who hung up and called 911.

When Bob arrived at Southlake, he was whisked up to the catherization suite where it was discovered that he had severe blockage in five arteries. Bob had an emergency quadruple bypass.

Eight days after the event in his garden, Bob was released from Southlake and enrolled in Southlake’s Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation program, where he learned about exercise, diet and medications. Bob learned that he needed more exercise, so he found a new best friend named Marley to help him out.

Bob enjoyed the program so much that he decided to volunteer there the week after he completed rehab!


“I’m lucky to be here. Because of the systems in place in Southlake’s Cardiac Care program, the damage to my heart was minimal.” – Bob Brownie