Meet Lorraine


She never expected to be a cardiac patient at age 55. Her story could be anyone's.

Quality of life. What do those three words mean to you? To Lorraine, they mean everything. They mean travelling with her husband. Making a difference at a job she loves. Playing with her grandchildren. 

One year ago, everything that means the most to Lorraine was threatened. When she experienced a sudden feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach – compounded with exhaustion like she’d never known before – she knew that something was wrong. Her family doctor urged her to go to Southlake. There, the cardiologist who treated her believed that she had Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) disguised as a flutter, but would need to look inside her heart to be sure. His instincts were right!

AFib is a very serious condition involving an irregular heart rhythm. It’s dangerous and it put Lorraine at an increased risk of stroke. She’s not alone – diagnoses like hers are on the rise as a significant section of the population ages, due to age being a major risk factor for developing AFib.

Although she was diagnosed quickly, Lorraine would have to wait seven months for her cardiac procedure since the demand on Southlake’s Electrophysiology Labs is so high. Southlake desperately needs to renovate the two existing labs and add a third lab, as well as replace aging cardiac equipment and purchase new, innovative technology.

Lorraine also underwent a second procedure, a pulmonary vein ablation, just a few months ago. And shortly after that, she found herself rushing back to Southlake once again – only this time it was for the birth of her newest grandbaby!

 After her diagnosis, she had to slow down and watch life from the sidelines, instead of being part of it. Now, thanks to the care she received at Southlake’s Regional Cardiac Care Program, life is getting back to normal. These days you can find her playing at the splash pad with her grandkids, or planning the vacation of a lifetime with her husband. Thanks to Southlake, she has her life back! 


"I am so thankful to the doctors at Southlake for diagnosing my condition so quickly and helping me get my life back. Now I can get back to those things that mean the most to me. Southlake has truly transformed my life, and for that, I am deeply grateful.” – Lorraine Simpson