Meet Sal


 Sal Polito was filling water bottles before his daughter’s soccer game, when the active 36-year-old went into cardiac arrest and collapsed in his kitchen.

After Sal’s collapse, his wife performed CPR under the guidance of a 911 dispatcher until paramedics arrived and raced him to Southlake where a team of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals saved his life as he went into a second cardiac arrest.

During his time at Southlake, Sal underwent a number of sophisticated tests – including an MRI exam, a CT scan and an angiogram.  He also spent about ten days on a heart monitor while the team worked to determine whether there was a genetic component behind his cardiac arrest.

On his last day at Southlake, a defibrillator was implanted under Sal’s clavicle. Wired into his heart to monitor the rhythm, the defibrillator will deliver a shock if Sal’s in danger of another cardiac arrest.

As you can imagine, Sal’s brush with death at the age of 36 was terrifying for him and his family. 

There were no warning signs. It really brought home how important first-class medical care is for all of us, right here at our doorsteps.

Sal’s wife, Deann, told us she had no idea how important Southlake would be in their lives one day…

“When we moved to Newmarket nine years ago,” said Deann, “we could never have known that the close proximity of our house to Southlake and the cardiac care that they are able to provide would save Sal’s life at such a young age – and would allow our two young children and me to continue to enjoy time with Sal.”


“My 3-year-old says “Remember when you died in the kitchen?” Thanks to Southlake’s excellent cardiac care, I am here and can still enjoy time with my wife and children. You think how lucky you are when you’re helping your daughter blow out her candles at her birthday party.”  - Sal Polito