Southlake's Front Door

Through low-cost, low-tech solutions, Southlake will continue to implement efficiencies where possible to ensure that our patients have the best possible experience when they come to us for care.

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4th busiest

Regional Cardiac Care Program in Ontario


Patients Visits to Southlake's Emergency Department

40 Minutes

Average wait time to be seen by a doctor in Southlake's Emergency Department

Transform lives at Southlake

Your donation will help the thousands of patients who rely on Southlake’s Regional Cardiac Care Program each year.

The Emergency Department at Southlake – commonly referred to as the ‘front door’ of the hospital – is a constant hub of activity. More than 100,000 patients visit this department every year, relying on our expert staff for emergency care in their time of need. With such high volumes, Southlake has diligently implemented a number of innovative processes to improve the patient experience and create more efficient patient flow through the department and the rest of the hospital. These new models have caused wait times at Southlake to be well below the provincial average, with patients seen by a doctor in 40 minutes on average, the shortest wait times in Ontario for three consecutive years.

You can support equipment and technology upgrades that are essential tools for the team of staff in our Emergency Department to provide care as efficiently as possible for you and your loved ones, when time is of the essence.

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