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Over the next 10 years, Southlake will work to better understand dementia and other neurological disorders and develop new treatment options for patients.

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Acute Care hospital in Ontario to have Music & Memory certification


Hours of inpatient rehabilitation

5.03 Days

Average length of stay

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Your donation will help the thousands of patients who rely on Southlake’s Regional Cardiac Care Program each year.

Our Medicine Program is so extensive that it accounts for almost half of all beds in the hospital. From diagnosis to treatment, this program provides care for complex and critical patients suffering from respiratory, digestive system and internal gland conditions, and neurological disorders like strokes.

Southlake is the first acute care hospital in Ontario to have Music and Memory certification, a program that uses music to spark the memories of patients suffering from dementia to improve their mood and quality of life.

For patients in need of acute care, excellence in care is paramount. With 47 physicians from 11 different specialties on staff, and almost 400 RNs and RPNs, you can be sure that Southlake’s patients are well cared for. Our Medicine Team works together to help each patient with their recovery, and facilitate a smooth transition home or to long-term, non-acute care facilities in the community.

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