Mental illness can affect anyone.

Southlake’s focus is on creating a safe and comfortable environment for Mental Health patients of all ages, at every stage during the patient journey. Improving Mental Health services is critical to ensure that some of our most vulnerable patients have access to the high-quality care and services that are right for them in their hour of need. 

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Transforming mental health in our community

Mental health disorders do not discriminate. That's why Southlake’s Mental Health program strives to provide patients of any age with a safe, caring environment where our health care team can work together to reduce the symptoms and distress of mental illness.

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Child and adolescent eating disorder visits


Patients presenting in crisis in Southlake's Emergency Department


Adult mental health beds available at Southlake, of a total of 84 serving all of York Region

Comprehensive care for our most vulnerable

Southlake’s Mental Health Program is one of the most extensive of the region, providing treatment and programs for children, adolescents and adults.  But more resources are needed to help address the expanding needs of our mental health patients.  Your donations will help Southlake better support patients requiring critical, in-patient care.

Transform lives at Southlake

Your donation will help the thousands of patients who rely on Southlake’s Mental Health Program each year.

At Southlake, we understand that Mental Health does not discriminate – it can affect any one of us, no matter our age, gender or race. Our hospital serves a large population, with ever-increasing demands for Mental Health services and care. 33% of Ontario’s group homes are located in York Region – 17 alone falling under Southlake’s catchment area. 

Southlake’s Mental Health Program is one of the most extensive in the region, offering treatment and programs for children, adolescents and adults with serious mental illness. Our world-renowned Regional Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Program sets the stage as a leader in the assessment, treatment and professional training for adolescent eating disorders.

Whether it be for a one-time crisis, or ongoing mental illness, our team of nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, recreational and occupational therapists, dietitians, crisis workers, and child and youth counselors is designed to provide comprehensive care at every stage during our patients’ ongoing treatment. 

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