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Southlake’s Paramedical team will continue to use advance technology and equipment for fast, accurate diagnoses for our patients.

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Transform lives at Southlake

Your donation will help the thousands of patients who rely on Southlake’s Regional Cardiac Care Program each year.

Early diagnosis, for many patients, can mean the difference between life and death. At Southlake, our clinical teams are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for each one of our patients using advanced technology and software.  

Southlake’s Paramedical Program is made up of a number of services that are crucial to patient care, including Diagnostic Imaging, X-Ray and the lab where your health problems are first diagnosed. As the first step in discovery and diagnoses, it can be considered the most important in the patient journey.

Last year generous community support allowed for the updated X-Ray equipment in our Emergency Department and the instalment of a permanent second MRI machine. Complex life-saving procedures will increase by 2,000 thanks to the new Interventional Radiology Suite.

As the population continues to grow, we will continue to update equipment and expand our capacity to meet the needs of our patients, one diagnosis at a time.

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