Making miracles possible.

To ensure the best possible patients outcomes, Southlake’s surgical team is committed to providing the most cutting-edge and innovative procedures to speed recovery times and reduce risks for our patients, so that they can get back to what matters most.

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The gift of time

Southlake's Chief of Surgery, Dr. Julius Toth, tells us: “Patients are now living well beyond what they thought were life-ending events. They come back years later and tell us about their milestone moments – dancing at their daughter’s wedding, finally taking that big vacation, or welcoming their new grandchild into the world. We’re giving our patients more time – because there’s nothing more precious than the gift of time!”

You can help Southlake’s surgeons give the gift of time by donating today.


Operating room procedures


Ambulatory same-day surgery program procedures

5th largest

Regional Thoracic Cancer Surgery Program in Ontario

The best tools for the job

Thousands of patients undergo surgery at Southlake every year, but our surgical and anesthesia teams are in critical need of upgraded equipment to replace aging tools across the department.  From department-wide scopes to anesthesia machines (used not only in the surgical department but across the hospital), your gift will give the best tools to a team who holds life in their hands on a daily basis.

Transform lives at Southlake

Your donation will help the thousands of people who rely on Southlake’s Surgical Program each year.

Whether it’s a hip replacement, cataract procedure, or emergency cardiac surgery, Southlake’s surgical team can be trusted to perform miracles every day. And although their patients are with them for only a short time, the impact made by our surgical team lasts a lifetime.

Our surgical team is made up of highly qualified surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists and other health care professionals to support a wide range of procedures in Southlake’s surgical program.

Southlake’s OR’s sees more than 13,000 surgeries every year, including cutting-edge procedures like EVAR (Endovascular Aneurysm Repair) and video assisted lung surgeries – minimally invasive procedures that allow our patients precision care with minimal risk and quicker recovery times.

But even the most highly qualified team needs the best tools to get the job done right, with the best possible patient outcomes. Our surgical program is in desperate need of scopes, ultrasound machines, Operating Room lights and anesthesia machines, used for patients in all areas of the hospital. You can help support these urgent needs and be part of the team that transforms lives, every day.


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